"A Guddesch" has been the traditional name of our family-run farming business for generations. Over many years of meticulous planning, our farm has developed into a modern oasis of enjoyment and relaxation in the heart of Luxembourg.
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Following the extension to the "Scheier" banqueting room and the construction of the restaurant in building 1 in 2009 and the opening of the hotel with cookery studio and bakery in building 2 in 2013, "A Guddesch" is now home to the largest selection of culinary and other events in and around Mersch.

Farming & Feng Shui

The atmosphere in our buildings is a harmonious mix of local regional impressions and materials blended with harmoniously minimalistic feng shui concepts together with state-of-the art technical equipment and furnishings.
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Modern Cuisine with Regional Ingredients

Our chef has succeeded in combining the best produce from the region and from our own farm with modern French culinary art.
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Overview of our Hotel

Building 1 - Restaurants & Banqueting Rooms

Building 2 - Hotel & Cookery Studio

We, Pia & Marc Dentzer and their entire team, welcome you as our guests.

Video A Guddesch

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