Feng shui for your relaxation and enjoyment

An old saying claims that "Eating is a need, enjoying is an art". And this art requires appropriate surroundings. Culinary skills and gastronomic culture require a harmonious atmosphere and a refined and inspiring ambience. Guests in our restaurant should feel as at ease as our chef when preparing their food.

Feng shui, the ancient philosophy of a harmonious and healthy environment, is the ideal tool for achieving this. As one of Europe's first feng shui consultants, it has been a great pleasure for me to accompany Pia and Marc Dentzer's Guddesch project.

What was the specific challenge? The Guddesch was to become a place where people can feel at home, can feel welcome, can relax and recharge their batteries and of course enjoy with all five senses. Guddesch – a place of relaxation and quality.

What feng shui approaches have we chosen? Those that are important to interpersonal relationships, namely: "There is no second chance for the first impression". This applies to the buildings, too. The design of the outdoor area and the approach to a building determine whether guests feel welcome or not. The difference between quality or superficiality and harmony or distraction can be felt at every turn.

For this reason we consciously designed a curved approach rather than a straight "energy highway". According to feng shui, chi (Chinese for = life force) should be able to freely flow in all places and in all rooms in gently meandering curves – similar to a stream flowing in its natural state. In contrast, everything that has been artificially straightened, i.e. forced to abandon its natural course of flow, causes unease. Therefore when we are forced to walk a considerable distance in a straight line towards an an entrance we feel far from comfortable …

What is then the effect of this curved approach on people entering? They "swing" as it were gently past the area of lawn and a nicely planted natural stone wall and feel invited. The same is true when they leave our establishment. It allows them to part harmoniously – and they look forward to returning soon …

In the the interior of the restaurant people should sense and see that they are a highly esteemed guests at every step of their way, that we love cooking and that we serve with care and attention. That is why you will discover flowing forms from every seat in the restaurant that reinforce the sensual and nourishing "yin" energies.

We attach great importance in interior design to natural stone and other natural materials. In the first place, this is an expression of the quality of the premises, and secondly, it reflects the excellent and "authentic" cuisine served in our restaurant. Just imagine a restaurant filled with plastic chairs and other artificial materials –. you would not award any "star" quality to the food served there...

Chi can circulate softly and unhindered throughout Guddesch, surrounded by warm, gentle colours and materials, accompanied by homely and yet modern accessories, creating an open, bright and cheerful atmosphere. The location of every seat is well-planned and hence an individual point of energy. This of course applies to the pleasantly sheltered patio, as well.

Our aim: Guddesch should enable you to refuel – not just in the culinary sense but also in terms of personal energy. Following the maxim, "Dining is the second most important thing in life" ( Balzac), I wish you many hours of inspiration in "A Guddesch".

Best regards

Günther Sator, Feng-Shui Expert
Salzburg / Austria