Arrive and feel at home, in the heart of Luxembourg
  • Hotel Martha Luxembourg
  • Hotel Martha
  • family-run luxury 4-star hotel

Opened in 2013, the owner-managed Hotel Martha (Beringen, near Mersch in Luxembourg) offers a harmonious mix of modern ambience and family hospitality.

Besides 12 well-appointed rooms and a honeymoon suite, the new family-run luxury 4-star hotel provides all the comfort that goes to make an unforgettable stay: brasserie with bar, restaurant, sauna area, seminar rooms, shops and more …

Discover what "A Guddesch" has to offer.

  • well-appointed rooms
  • honeymoon suite
  • Bathroom
  • bedroom 1
  • bedroom 2
  • shower room
  • bedroom with shower
  • bedroom inside view
  • room with private shower
  • bedroom hotel
  • bedroom with a double bed
  • double room